Franmax India is a fully integrated Indian Franchise Solution Company started with Vision to work for both investors looking for Next Best Investment or a Zealous Entrepreneur who wants to start a new business by introducing the Best Product Option from All Industry such as Food & Beverages, Marketing, Pharma, Education etc.

We will help you select the best Franchise Option by listing the short list of portfolios we have by Knowing Your Experience, Interests, Budget, and Location. We also provide a complete platform for new and innovative products that seek to expand their business through the Franchising channel.

We also help and liaise with them to improve their Essential Business, Legal, Marketing and Financial Services to make their business journey a success. All the work involved from start to finish until managing your office and house keys are done without problems with Franmax India.


Thinking of starting a business? Before you do that, consider an option that offers you a standard program with a well-known brand: the franchise! There are many benefits to running a franchise, as there are benefits to starting a new business. The fact is, what is best for you will depend on what your goals are and the type of entrepreneur you are.

Whether You Are an Investor Looking for The Best Investment or A Zealous Entrepreneur Who Wants to Start His Business?

We will present the Best Brand from Multiple Industries and Categories to suit your Profile and Interest. We select brands by sorting them according to your budget, location, ability and motivation. We help you narrow down the field by consulting with you to choose the right option to get started.


In the current day marketplace today, it is very necessary for each and every investor and organization alike, to have a system and structure in place with sync in order to expand.

Our consultancy in the following line of business confirms to cowl all important factors which would assist you to obtain standardization and satisfactory expansion.

Brand Development Service Franchise Investment Service Property Leasing Service Malls and Commercial Projects For a centered working on the above-mentioned services, we commit a Key account Manager to all our customers who helps in guiding, evaluating and in getting the proper business probability all the way up to a deal closure.

This will make sure you get seamless support via FRANMAX INDIA's a couple of business portfolios with regular updates to new possibilities and additions.

FRANMAX INDIA develops a legitimate market intelligence to analyze the feasibility of the proper kind of business for every investor as per the neighborhood market primarily based on modern-day facts, industry traits and in-depth market research and analysis. To summaries, FRANMAX INDIA would make sure to get you the quality deal negotiated at the exceptional feasible rate wherever necessary and to the extent possible.


FRANMAX INDIA will Help you to expand your Brand via Franchising Route As Below. The scope of work for the above stated offerings is divided into 4 levels and in addition into phases that cover multi - layered factors of business growth planning.

Level 1:

Study - Which is heart of the business is the very first section that will lay the basis of the complete franchise program which shall widely take into consideration. Analysis of your modern-day business Consumption Pattern Latest Industry Trends. Competition Assessment Understanding Business models, Product Portfolio and Price Point Analysis International Case studies Recommendations on the Positioning of the brand in the market Recommendations on Product Portfolio in the Outlet Market Strategy Market opportunity evaluation Target consumer definition Competition Analysis SWOT analysis. Suitable Model for growth Net Sales (Cost/Goods Sold) Gross Margin Variable Expense Operating Expense

  • * Initial franchise fee
  • * Ongoing services fee or royalty
  • * Advertising fees, both national and local
  • * Size of territory granted
  • * Term of agreement and renewal provisions Market opportunity assessment
Level 2:

Structuring of Business and Financial Plan Revenue Sources, Business Model, format, Investment, ROI Franchise Pro Forma Development schedule Costs associated to the franchise fee Franchise structure

Level 3:

Marketing Collaterals Franchise Kit Designing of the package / advertisement Investor Presentation

Level 4:

Legal will cover factors like Letter of Intent Franchisor – Franchisee agreement, (Master/Area/Unit) Other Ancillary Documents depending on Business Model


Brand/Retail Leasing is a procedure of developing and managing contracts between the proprietor of a brand and a organisation or person who desires to use the brand in affiliation with a product for an agreed duration of time, inside an agreed territory or precise inventory or Project

FRANMAX INDIA specializes in multi brand leasing as a end result of which at existing we are working with more than 50 Brands for their brand leasing requirements. Brands searching for growth whether or not in terms of discovering an investor who is inclined to make investments in their franchise opportunity, or genuinely if is a organization searching for company operated/owned format, we assist discovering a leasing options on demand and as per requirement.

Who Are Associated With Us Are Serviced Groundwork Their Particular Requirement In Terms Of An Location In A Particular City, With A Group Of Dedicated And Tenured Professionals, We Continuously Tie Up With Dedicated Real Estate Professionals Having Experience In Associated Services To Provide A One-stop Asset Management Service That Are Tailor-made To The Desires Of Our Brands. Our Group Of Surveyors Throughout Cities Network And Construct Associations To Get You Better Outcomes At All Times.